Business Tort Litigation

Has your business been accused of actions that harmed other businesses or individuals? We can help you deal with the matter quickly. Has another company or individual interfered in your business relationships? We may be able to assist you in collecting the damages caused to your company by the wrongful conduct of another.

In Texas, a claim for tortious interference with a contract can arise if the following elements are proven:

  1. A contract;
  2. willful and intentional acts of interference;
  3. proximate causation; and
  4. actual damages or loss.

Unlawful interference with your business can cost thousands of dollars and ruin relationships with your clients. This type of action requires immediate and aggressive action to rectify. Not all interference creates a cause of action. There may be justification or a privilege that allows the interference. If you feel that another person or company has interfered with your business or a contract you have with an other company or client, contact one of the lawyers at Michael P. Fleming & Associates today to discuss your options.

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How can I stop somebody from interfering with my company?

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