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The Jones Act Provides Compensation for Injured Seamen and Maritime Workers

The Jones Act was specifically created to protect the rights of seamen and maritime workers. The Jones Act allows maritime workers the right to ” maintenance and cure” if they are injured on a seagoing ship, barge, boat, or vessel. “Maintenance” refers to compensation for wage loss if you cannot work because of an injury. “Cure” refers to medical treatment for an injury.

Seamen and other maritime workers may be able to claim additional compensation if they can prove their injuries resulted from negligence or because the boat or ship was not seaworthy. Liability does not have to be assigned to the owner of the vessel, but rather the person responsible for the negligent act.

If you work anywhere in or near the water, you may be covered by The Jones Act. The following may be entitled to benefits under The Jones Act or other maritime laws, if they are injured in the course of their employment:

  • Barge workers
  • Commercial divers
  • Construction workers
  • Ferry boat workers
  • Fishermen
  • Longshoremen
  • Oil platform workers
  • Workers on offshore drilling rigs
  • Repair and maintenance workers
  • Tug boat workers
  • Shrimp boats

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