Houston Personal Injury Lawyers

The Houston personal injury attorneys at Michael P. Fleming & Associates, P.C. offer the highly skilled and dedicated representation people deserve after being seriously injured in an auto accident or other type of situation. Voted one of the best personal injury lawyers in Houston, we offer our clients the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing that we are committed to protecting their rights and helping them secure the full compensation they deserve for the injuries they have suffered.

Types of Personal Injury

Brain Injury

As a result of a car or truck accident, drivers and passengers can suffer from Traumatic Brain Injuries. Symptoms may appear shortly after the accident or in some cases days or weeks after the injury. In either case you need to seek medical attention immediately.

Burn Injury

First, second and third degree burns can be very serious and require medical treatment. Car fires, chemical exposure, electrocution and industrial accidents can all cause severe burn injuries which may require surgery or skin grafts.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault and rape can occur in many places including apartment complexes and hotels. The physical and psychological effects can take many forms such as sexually transmitted infections (STI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression just to name a few. In many cases a building owner, property manager or business may be found negligent for not ensuring that their properties are safe and secure places for people to live or stay during a vacation. If you were the victim of a sexual assault or rape because of another party’s negligence you need to contact a personal injury lawyer to ensure that your claim will result in a settlement that allows you to deal with the physical and psychological effects.

Dog Bites

Children and men are more likely than anyone else to be bitten by a dog. Dog bite injuries can affect muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels along with the risk of infection. If the bite was the result of the owner’s or someone else’s negligence a personal injury lawyer can seek the compensation you deserve to get medical attention and recover from your injuries.

Slip and Fall

Slip and falls or trip and falls can cause serious injury including broken bones and head injuries. Property managers, building owners and businesses all have a duty to ensure a safe environment is maintained not only inside buildings but outside in parking lots, entrances and walkways.

Nursing Home Negligence

Seniors deserve our respect, care and attention, however elders in nursing homes are victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation. Studies show that elders who have been abused are at a far greater risk of death than those who have not. If you have a loved one who has been abused or neglected a personal injury lawyer can help you seek compensation.

Daycare Abuse

Young children are the most defenseless people in society and many of them are put into daycare facilities five days a week. Despite this children are subject to abuse and neglect which can result in serious injury and death.

Amusement Park Injuries

Thousands of people are injured every year on amusement park rides. Injuries sustained can include cuts, bruises, broken bones and serious head trauma. In many cases the injuries are preventable and are the result of negligent park staff, lack of proper maintenance and repair of equipment or because of a manufacturer’s defective product. A personal injury lawyer can help you bring a claim against those responsible and seek damages on your behalf.

Personal Injury Damages

The damages that can be recovered in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit depend upon the severity of the actions of the negligent party. Once negligence (duty, breach of the duty) and causation (the injury sustained was a result of the accident/negligence) are established in a truck, car, machinery or other accident or incident, or as a result of medical negligence due to physician or surgeon mistake, it is necessary to evaluate the damages that can be recovered by the victim.

Typical damages that are recoverable in personal injury cases include;

  • Past and future physical pain and suffering
    • Physical pain includes so much more than just the onset of pain you experienced at the time of the wreck or accident. It includes the pain you endured when having broken bones reset, or undergoing a series of skin grafts due to serious burns, or any number of medical procedures necessary to treat the injuries you suffered as a result of someone’s negligence.
  • Past Medical Expenses
    • Your medical bills may remain unpaid or you may be entitled to be reimbursed for the expenses you incurred as a result of the treatment you need for your injuries. You may also recover future medical expenses to treat ongoing or long-term conditions brought about by your injuries.
  • Past and Future Disfigurement
    • Disfigurements include scars and scarring resulting from lacerations received in the accident or post operatively. Disfigurement may also occur as a result of loss of limb or appendage, or improperly healed fractures.
  • Past and Future Physical Impairment
    • Such impairments may limit your ability to take care of yourself, tend to your normal daily routine, go to work, drive a car, walk, run, or participate in other activities you enjoyed prior to being injured in an accident. Physical impairment may be temporary, permanent, or long-term.
  • Loss of Past Wages
    • Loss of past wages is not limited to recovery by the injured person. In the event of a wrongful death action, a decedent’s lost wages may be recovered by the widow or widower or parent or heirs at law.
  • Loss of Future Earning Capacity
    • Just like past wages, this loss is not limited to recovery by the injured person. In the event of a wrongful death action, a decedent’s loss of future earning capacity may be recovered by the widow or widower or parent or heirs at law.
  • Loss of Consortium
    • Sometimes the injuries to one person are so severe it injures the relationship within the family. In those instances, parents or spouses may be able to recover for their losses.
  • Loss of Household Services
    • In some cases, one spouse may be entitled to compensation for loss of domestic service typically performed by the other spouse.
  • Punitive (Exemplary) Damages
    • In certain cases where defendant’s conduct is egregious, reprehensible and requires punishment and deterrence.